Scaffolding Management & Safety

iChecked is the only scaffold management and safety company in Guernsey. We are here to make your scaffolding experience enjoyable, come to use first and we can provide a service like no other. With over 23 years experience we can give a free consultation and advice on all scaffold projects. With our purpose designed scaffold software we can provide a quote package that we send out to all the scaffold companies on your behalf to get you the best possible quote. We then oversee the project from start to finish and ensure the scaffold is as required and to regulations leaving you completely at ease. 

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Scaffold Safety

At iChecked, we employ the latest scaffold purpose software to streamline scaffold management and ensure high levels of accuracy with TG20:21 compliancy checks. Our digital scaffold system has revolutionised scaffolding by making the reports more up to date. Plus, going digital means more speed, accuracy, and productivity. 

Digital Software 

We have over 23 years experience and knowledge in scaffold construction and software. We have made strides in providing customised scaffolding safety solutions that can be tailored according to the individual needs of the scaffold construction site. We offer accurate quotes with high quality 2D and 3D drawings as well as Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMs) for every kind of project.

Why is Scaffold Safety Important?

Weekly Inspections

The law requires proper scaffold inspections for health and safety on the site. Unfortunately, many business on Guernsey fail to comply with these legal requirements. The onus for ensuring proper safety on the site is on the hirer of the scaffold. This means that the hirer will be held liable for overlooking the crucial regulations.

Site Safety

More importantly, scaffolding safety is a baseline requirement for keeping workers safe. It can prevent workplace incidents and create a safe and positive work environment. It's time you build a safety culture from the ground up and prioritise your employees' well-being above all. We will help you every step of the way.

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iChecked has expert scaffolding management and safety solutions for all kinds of projects from residential buildings to major commercial construction sites. We offer guidance to all our clients to make sure they get the most form their scaffolding experience.