Site Scaffolding Requirements 

iChecked is the only scaffolding management and safety compliance company in Guernsey. We are here to assist you with any scaffolding projects according to the local regulations set in place. We want to make sure that builders and contractors are not getting left behind as the health and safety standards of the island move's forward.

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iChecked provides 2D and 3D drawings to show you the entire scope of the project that ensures that any issues in planning and quotes can be sorted out before the scaffolding even starts out.


iChecked has a weekly scaffolding inspection service that ensures the entire scaffold site is fully checked and reported to the client/hirer. Which increases safety, speed, productivity and accuracy.


iChecked offers complete services till the last moment. We even go over all alterations and extra work while managing each invoice thoroughly.

Scaffold Safety

Scaffold safety is a priority for iChecked so don't let any mistake or issue slip past us. We realise that a lot of builders face issues because Guernsey is still quite behind when it comes to regulations set in place for builders and contractors. This puts workers at risk of injuries and accidents. We incorporate the latest software and technology to ensure that your scaffolding site is up to the standards that can protect workers.

Scaffold Inspection by iChecked

Scaffold inspections aren't a common sight on the island and a lot of building companies may not be adhering to proper standards that can actually keep them safe. It is important to have our iChecked experts on site to make sure that the site is safe for operations.

Project Productivity 

We make sure we work with the foreman to keep the project going on time whilst keeping everyone safe. iChecked has over 23 years' experience working on technical and major building sites. This is why we understand the work that needs to be put into the project. We monitor the project in such a way that there aren't any extra costs that are racking up your bill.

"Safe To Use"

iChecked can save builders a lot of hassle, money and time. We have state-of-the-art digital software that can help determine the quote package properly. We also provide Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMs) that the scaffolders can adhere to for added safety. Our on-site inspections will ensure that iChecked monitors the safety for the scaffolding project and fit in all the necessary "Safe To Use" scafftag signs. We ensure that all health and safety guidelines are followed so that the entire scaffold site is up to standard. We make sure of compliance with all TG20:21 regulations. Clients/hirers will also receive full inspection reports with handover certificates as well as follow up with weekly routine inspections.
We Offer:
  • Site Visits
  • Free Quotes
  • 2D & 3D Drawings
  • Risk Assessments 
  • Method Statements 
  • Handovers
  • Weekly Inspections

Why Is It Important That Your Scaffold Is iChecked?


All extra work or add-ons that are required on-site go through our iChecked process. We create a full quote package for every job based on our initial assessment and drawings so that you have a full picture of the costs of the project beforehand. iChecked offers 2D & 3D drawings so that every small detail is clearly stated to the builder or client. The inspections also offer a complete audit of the health and safety standards of the project that can be checked promptly.

"Do Not Use"

When the scaffolding project is complete and the de-rigging process starts, iChecked stays involved. Scaffolds are often left in dangerous conditions until de-rigging is complete, so we use our "Do Not Use" scafftags to make sure workers stay safe. When the scaffolding is taken down, we keep the records on file for safekeeping for three months after the site is finished (as per regulations).

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We offer high-quality management and inspection services for all scaffolding projects from commercial buildings to residential projects. We focus on health and safety so that you are not liable for any risks on the project. Our expert guidance and advice can ensure efficient and effective construction. We are open to any queries, questions or concerns that you may have over safety for scaffolding projects, so feel free to contact us.