Event Scaffolding Management

Organising events can already be stressful to manage without having to worry about the safety of the scaffolding you have. By letting iChecked manage the scaffolding needs from handrails, crowd control to the full stage, we will ensure that your event goes smoothly. We have years of experience working on technical and large events, which is why we understand the needs to ensure perfect scaffold safety and management 

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iChecked offers free scaffold consultation services where you can share all the details you need. We oversee the entire scope of the scaffolding project through detailed drawings and offer the best quote.


Dance floors, DJ booths or even main stages can be designed using our purpose scaffold software so you can be sure everything is built to regulations and can with stand the weathers.


iChecked will continue managing the project until it is complete. We are also involved in the de-rigging project to ensure a smooth transition, leaving you ready to plan your next event. 

Event Scaffolding

Scaffolding for public events is quite different from normal scaffolding used for construction projects. iChecked recognises the importance of having the right kind of scaffolding installed according to your needs. As these scaffolds are not basic they usually need designs to comply with regulations which iChecked can produce and manage ensuring you have the perfect structure and meeting regulations and maintaining safety.

Scaffold Inspections

Scaffolding inspections are usually only required by law for working platforms. However, it is still recommended to make sure that event scaffolds are also properly inspected. Event organisers need to ensure that they oversee every detail of the scaffold properly since taking the risk is not worth it. An unsafe scaffolding structure can put the lives of everyone in danger, which can be prevented by working with iChecked.

Here To Help

Events require many structures to make sure everything is smooth such as main stage, dance floors, handrails and more. iChecked helps event organisers by producing drawings for all the scaffolding that is needed on the project. With 2D and 3D drawings, it will be easier to explain to the scaffold companies what you want from the project. Such guidance will ensure that your vision is properly and safely executed. 

Has Your Scaffolding Project been iChecked?


Even with just one free consultation meeting, you can rest assured that all requirements and regulations will be met. iChecked will make sure that all you need to oversee is organising the event, instead of the scaffolding requirements. We will conduct a full inspection of the completed scaffolding too and give you a handover certification that will ensure your confidence in the structure. We make sure that the scaffolding can sustain itself even if the weather in Guernsey turns bad.

Scope Of The Project

We also make it easier to make more accurate quotes for the project. It can be challenging for scaffold companies to give you accurate quotes without our excellent scaffold software that outlines 2D and 3D drawings for the project. The precise representation of the project ensures that scaffolding experts and client both know the exact scope of the project.

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iChecked is the only scaffolding management company in Guernsey that can offer event organisers the peace of mind they need about their scaffold. We make sure that your team can take over the other necessary tasks instead of worrying about the scaffold project's.