Residential Scaffolding Management from Start to Finish

iChecked is the only scaffolding management company on the island that can assist you from the planning phase to completion. You can be reassured that your scaffolding project meets the regulations and guidelines to keep the workers, contractors and owners of any project safe.

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Quote For Project

iChecked offers free consultation for scaffolding projects where you can share details with ease. We will review the scope of the project and offer the best possible quote for residential scaffolding projects.

Scaffolding Inspections

Once the project is underway, iChecked will send experts on-site for weekly inspections to make sure that the project remains compliant with the latest regulations set by authorities.

Scaffold Completion 

iChecked will continue managing the project until it is complete. We are also involved in the de-rigging project to ensure a smooth transition, making sure your experience is stress-free.

Worries with Scaffolding

Overlooking a residential scaffolding project can be a nuisance for homeowners. It can be quiet time consuming and stressful to meet up with scaffolding firms who may use difficult language that makes you feel unsure about the very basic worded quote you receive. Getting the cheapest quote may not be a good idea either since it can mean subpar construction too. 
In such cases, having experts like iChecked on your side for scaffolding projects can be a great idea.

Scaffold Inspections

Scaffold inspections in residential units are required by law if you are outsourcing the labor to other workers. The Work at Height Regulations of 2005 are set in place to ensure the safety of the workers under your employment in a construction setting. Making sure that you have proper routinely inspections will ensure that no accidents or injuries take place.

Here To Help

iChecked can overlook your scaffolding needs so that you can take on any project stress-free. Even with one meeting, you will be reassured that you are in good hands when you listen to the advice and guidance that iChecked has. We offer the best possible quotes that are based on your individual needs so you can ensure your project goes smoothly in a cost-effective manner.

Has Your Scaffolding Been iChecked?

No Hidden Costs

iChecked has excellent scaffolding managing services that oversee the project from start to finish so that you can be reassured that the scaffolding meets the local standards. In the quotation stages, we offer 2D & 3D drawings of the entire project so that the scaffolding company and client both understand the full scope of the project. This eliminates the need for any extra charges or missed work.

Scaffold Management 

Homeowners may find it difficult to manage the quotes given by scaffolding companies for the job since it can be subject to change. Some companies only offer a cursory look at the job and some measurements that they base the quote on. However, it can also result in issues like the scaffolding being too short to properly reach all areas requiring work. This can result in a nuisance for you. This is why it is important to have iChecked experts on board to oversee the project on your behalf.

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We offer expert residential scaffolding management and inspection services that homeowners should definitely take advantage off. Giving you an easy stress-free experience. 

If you have any questions, queries or concerns, you can always reach out to iChecked.